u Codebreakers

1:1 Tutoring
A step by step synthetic phonics & multi-sensory programme

Codebreakers books

A dyslexia specific programme
also suitable for those looking to boost phonics and literacy skills.

A fun, structured programme, for parents/teachers to build student confidence and ability.

For students of all ages and abilities.



Code Breakers is a synthetic phonics, multi-sensory, structured, cumulative literacy programme. This works well for students with dyslexia and those who want to improve literacy skills.

Which age group? The programme is aimed at students of all ages an abilities from 5 yrs to post 16. This programme keeps the interest of of younger students as the 'teacher' can include learning through play.
For adults, its plain text format without the pictures that they sometimes find are more appropriate for younger students, removes the stigma attached to developing literacy skills.

Who can deliver it? Code Breakers has been designed so that teachers, T.A.s or parents, carers or partners can deliver it. It is highly structured and provides all worksheets, answers and flashcards.
A 'tutor' guide is also provided so that the 'tutor/teacher' is aware of how to best complete the worksheet or game, which principles it develops and how to make the most of the multi-sensory experience to ensure that information is stored and able to be retrieved to develop independent learners.